We are waiting impatiently for you on Lwowska Street 11/4, Warsaw 😜

Together with the entire team, we strive every day so that you can feel safe with us. For this reason, we have introduced a number of improvements in the studio to provide you with #safetattooing ❤️ Because of your safety and the new sanitary rigor introduced in Poland, during the epidemic, we are introducing more strict rules in our studio. Please read them before your tattoo:

  • Please arrive on time for your tattoo (not sooner or later). This will allow us to prepare the workplace safely before starting the tattooing process 😀
  • After entering the studio, every clients must absolutely wash and disinfect their hands 🛀
  • Each person entering the studio (clients and tattooists) will have their temperature measured by a non-contact method.
  • Please attend sessions individually (only tattooed, no accompanying persons). Only tattooed clients and tattooists can stay in the studio 👤
  • Before tattooing, everyone is required to complete a survey about the state of health, sick people or people with symptoms of illness (also cough, runny nose, fever) will be send home. If you are sick please inform us in advance. We’ll choose a different tattoo date 📝
  • We certify that the materials used for the tattoo are sterile and open with your attention
  • You should undertake to use aftercare treatment products and apply to all recommendations indicated by the tattoo artist.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
+48 515-405-708